Blood Born is an emerging horror-culture magazine that prides itself on being the new breed of published entertainment. Instead of imitating the formats of the popular magazines that we grew up with and love, we are introducing something new and exciting! Blood Born Magazine, which will be releasing its debut issue in the coming months, will be a free e-zine that will be compatible with all of the latest tablets and digital reading devices. Our goal is to continuously grow with the times and embrace all of the new technology that has been reinventing the magazine industry.

How will Blood Born Magazine be different from the other horror magazines? Good question! In a time where a plethora of information is available with a click of a mouse, it is often difficult to find the true gem you are looking for. Therefore, instead of trying to cram a little bit of everything into each issue, we will be focusing on one theme at a time to be able to truly give substance and detail to each topic.

Blood Born Magazine’s debut issue will be focusing on the beloved sub-genre, slasher films; there is so much in this category that a single article could never even come close to paying justice to it. We will have features that dig deep on many different levels, including the classics, foreign movies, upcoming and recent releases, independent films, books, art, products, and more.

The Blood Born Magazine team will be working very hard to bring fans of horror, both new and seasoned fans alike, something that we can all be proud of. If you have or know of a film, book, product, or anything that should be featured in our magazine, please contact us at bloodbornmagazine@gmail.com. Also be sure to visit http://www.bloodbornmagazine.com (which is still under development at the moment) and add us on Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/bloodbornmagazine for updates on our progress. We look forward to the blood soaked road ahead!


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