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Issue #1: Slasher Mania is finally here!!!

Finally, after a year of struggles, issue #1 has been completed! Thank you to all who have been patient with us and we truly hope you enjoy the final product!


‘Father’s Day’ screenings announced

The urban legend known as ‘The Father’s Day Killer’ began some years after the demise of serial rapist/murderer Chris Fuchman.  Since the 1970’s, the use of contraceptives has tripled in North America alone and a generation of fathers fell asleep with the covers pulled tight, buttocks clenched.  The story has become a fire-side cautionary ritual on camping trips, often used by fathers to warn their sons of the dangers of unplanned pregnancy.  That deep seeded fear of penetration, violation and eventually death waned as the murder and rape of fathers continued to decline all over the world. Unfortunately those numbers didn’t remain low, and it would seem that the legend is not yet complete…
Ahab, a man obsessed with exacting a brutal, violent revenge on the man who murdered his dad, joins John, an eager priest and Twink, a hot-headed street hustler on an epic quest to find and defeat this mythical monster known as Chris Fuchman AKA The Father’s Day Killer.
Check out the screening dates and trailer below:

Get your own ‘Teddy Told Me To’ mask!

If you are a fan of Syfy’s Face Off, I’m sure you remember Tom Devlin’s creepy creation from the create-your-own-slasher-icon episode. Well, Tom’s 1313FX Fright Zone has made a silicone pullover mask for you to call your own! Head over to his site for details.

Don’t forget, Face Off begins this Wed (1-11-12) at 10/9c

‘The Collection’ finds distribution

Marcus Dunstan’s ‘The Collector’ has a sequel that will see the light of day soon thanks to Liddell Entertainment! Read the full press release, including some info on other releases, here:

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Help bring back Leslie Vernon

The folks that brought you ‘Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon’ needs your help to bring ‘Before The Mask: The Return Of Leslie Vernon’ to life.

“Do you want to see the next Leslie Vernon movie? Pre-reserve the DVD today and help it get made.

This is our grassroots campaign to finance BEFORE THE MASK: THE RETURN OF LESLIE VERNON. It’s simple, the filmmakers and stars are back for another round and are looking to you, the indie horror community, for a commitment. We need YOU to pre-reserve a copy of the finished product. You will be helping the film get made! A pretty clear return on your investment.”
Head on over to to make this film possible!

Now you can be just like the Orphan Killer

The sick creators of the indie film ‘The Orphan Killer’ are now selling handmade replicas of the mad man’s mask! Head over to the Orphan Killer store and get one while they last, and grab a copy of this badass flick while you are there, too!

Coming Soon…

Hello horror fans! There will be a lot of new and exciting things coming your way in the near future, including many changes and additions to and, of coarse, the release of our first issue of Blood Born! We will also be doing some giveaways shortly to officially get things rolling. Sit tight kiddies and check back often!

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