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Nocturnal Offerings: Novel review and Interview with author Alan Draven by J.C. Walsh

nocturnal-offeringsNocturnal Offerings, the third book by Dark Fiction writer Alan Draven is a treat for fans of the horror genre.  In Part 1: The Midnight Queen, the novel grabs the reader’s attention immediately with a very intense prologue.  A young woman is chased through the woods by some kind of creature, and in moment is killed in a very gory and gruesome way.  From there, in the first chapter we follow Nick Kubrick, a Radio DJ whom also a myth buster in the Foggy city of Bitternest, Louisiana, shares his adventures with his listeners on his show.  Taking a road trip to Montreal Canada, Nick plans to make a surprise visit to his brother, but to his dismay finds that not only his brother isn’t home, but it looks like he hasn’t been home for months.  His mail box is overflowing, his lawn is unkempt and knee high.  So while he sets out in search of his brother he runs into an old high school friend name Lance.  Lance offers to help Nick find his brother, but also lets him stay at his place with he and his wife Nicole in Elysium Cove. Read more…


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