The Campfire Collective

It’s the middle of the night. You are deep in the woods with a small group of friends. Unfamiliar noises surround you. The campfire seems to create a barrier of light that protects you from the unknown that lurks just behind the trees. What better time to tell a scary story?

That is the inspiration behind the Campfire Collective. Similar to a group passing along a story around the fire, we will look to you, the true spark that keeps the horror genre alive and burning, to help create a one-of-a-kind story that no one person could ever come up with alone.

We will start a story that will then get passed along to a volunteer who will then add their own piece to the puzzle, then pass it along to the next, building something truly unique, one paragraph at a time. Each contributor will return the story to us each time, so no one will be able to read anything more than what was written before them to keep the suspense growing. Once the story has been completed, we will publish it in the premiere issue of Blood Born Magazine where all can enjoy and share their creation. Join us! Send an email to with ‘Campfire Collective’ in the title. We will then respond to you with further details.


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